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Improve your Website and Earn Money!

Integrate the abstravel.com booking engine on your website!
Earn for each booking made on your site.
Your visitors will have access to over 8 million airfares, 500+ airlines, 48,000 hotels, and 50 car rental companies. ABS Travel Affiliate Program
You will have easy implementation online. Provide your users with this valuable functionality by integrating the abstravel.com internet booking engine, and start earning today! The booking engine is easy to implement.
After you register online, you will get a Client ID with access to put the booking engine on your site. Our basic version is available for free, it looks exactly as the one on the abstravel.com site.   See the example to the right.

abstravel.com offers all affiliate partners the following commission structure per booking:
$5.00 for every round trip airline ticket
5% on every car rental
5% on every international hotel and 4% on every domestic hotel
The airfares that we provide our affiliate partners are the same airfares that we use on our own site, with no additional mark-up. This means that we do not compete with our affiliate partners and the commissions that we pay to our affiliate partners are off of our own margins.
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Now YOU can be part of the Internet's largest growing travel segment and provide value added services to your site visitors AND increase your site's revenue potential. YOU can make MORE MONEY today!


abstravel.com's travel Affiliates program allows you to offer your visitors the ability to research and purchase travel services (air, hotel, and car) when they visit your website. We track all reservations made from your site and credit you with the commission as soon as the supplier pays ABSTravel.com. You will receive a monthly commission check. You do not have to worry about delivery, refunds or collections.
Already an affiliate somewhere else, getting .25 CENTS, 1%, 3%..?
abstravel.com is the only one that provides a high commission of 50% from what our suppliers pay us!
How much is that? You get a minimum $5.00 per every passenger on round trip airline tickets.
That's yours, not half of $5.00, the WHOLE $5.00 for every round trip airline ticket.
Average reservation is for 2 passengers....You get $10.00 for just one reservation!
Hotel and Car rentals average $25.00 commission to YOU!
We do all the work, you collect the money. 
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Increase your revenue, while making valuable content available to your customers. By offering numerous airlines, hotels, cars and related content to your visitors, you can ensure repeat traffic to your site. Your visitors will have access to multiple suppliers for a wide range of travel services. Best of all, it is so easy! Read more about the wonderful benefits


Yourself, Companies and individuals interested in integrating the abstravel.com internet booking engine into their site! 
And anyone with a website and a desire to earn money!  
You don't even have to have your own domain. If you have a free web page/site you can integrate our booking engine in your site.


The integration of the abstravel.com internet booking engine is as easy as placing the links, that you receive, in your own HTML files. Depending on the context of these links your users will be guided to the corresponding abstravel.com booking engine, or you may place the booking engine in your site, or just run inside a frame on your website.

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